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Product Return RMA

The Product Return RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is powerful and flexible extension to manage purchased items for return or exchange purpose. This tool allows your customers to create multiple rma requests with reason and shipping label. With help of RMA, as store owner admin you can process refunds for your customers return requests as per matching setup conditions in most efficient way.

Mageice Product Return RMA
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Extension Highlights

Product Return RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Our Magento 2 Product Return RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is a wonder tool for all solution in product return/exchange inconvenience which helps you build satisfied customer relationship with your online store customers in very effective manner. As an online merchant you have to provide best services to your customers even after an item is purchased and delivered to customer. You have to provide return and exchange service as well on online store for convenience of consumers.

Create Returns and ExchangesWith a simple click of a button on existing order, customers can create return/exchange request for a complete order or only specific item they don’t want. Many times, customer only require few items to be replaced or returned instead of entire order at that time this feature comes handy. Customer has to fill in the form to indicate conditions of an item, describe what's wrong with it and what should be done about it.

Easy RMA Management and Discussions This Magento 2 extension not only makes your customers happy but as a store owner it helps your process of handling the RMA requests in easy and efficient way. It allows attachment of files in the RMA requests for your verification purpose make easier and customize the RMA grid as per your needs.

RMA Request By Guest UsersWith guest RMA option your customers now don’t need to log in to the account for every comment or RMA status update. They can reply to RMA messages via email as well.

Fast Communications and Automated ResponsesFor more customer satisfaction reply quickly to your customers with help of custom response templates. This helps you to communicate ease on every discussion with customer on any RMA.

Return Shipping Label and TrackingBy using custom shipping labels for number of carriers you can prevent frauds of getting back products. You can also keep track of every return request delivery and returned product with this feature.

Flexible ConfigurationsThis Magento 2 product return extension is powerful enough to cover all possible situations regarding the issues with returns or exchanges. To help you with needs of your store there are various configurations you can use such as assign specific user to RMA requests, ask customer for shipping confirmation, allow specific file types in attachment, limit the size of attachment, which are mandatory fields for new RMA request, RMA can be requested within how many days and much more.

Conditions and Email NotificationsWith flexible processing rules you are able to manage conditions (of course with combinations of condition) and custom statuses with custom notification templates to help you build positive customers loyalty.


Let play with our live demo to see how the extension Faq - Magento2 work.


Features of Product Returns RMA Extension

  • Let your customers create return/exchange requests very quickly and easily.
  • Customers can send and receive messages with file attachments.
  • Guest customers can also create RMA requests and discuss with comments to their requests without login.
  • Customers can communicate with Admin using the RMA system and via emails for exchange/replacement.
  • RMA History to keep your customers updated with communications.
  • Show your Return Policy to customers.
  • Admin can manage RMA status as well as Reasons, Conditions and Resolutions.
  • Supports return/exchange specific product and quantity of items, instead of returning all purchased products from the order.
  • Using Return Quantity, the admin will return RMA quantity to their store.
  • Admin can manage Product Returns more efficiently and easily in Magento instead of manual paperwork.
  • User friendly and step-by-step frontend interface.
  • Ability to enable\disable secure URLs
  • Admin can create RMA from the backend as well.
  • Allows print of shipping label and to prevent frauds customers need to confirm the package has been shipped.

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-  Installation & Configuration of RMA Magento Extension (Download Now)

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