Improved Sorting for Magento 2

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Improved Sorting for Magento 2

Magento 2 Improved Sorting extension is a perfect merchandising tool for your store. It assists your customers to find their preferred products quickly and easily by sorting out and not go anywhere else. Enhance experience of your customers significantly reducing shopping time and boost the conversion rate of your store effectively.

You can create your own sorting rules with any product attribute variable or combining several parameters to fine-tune the sorting to enhance your user experience with this powerful extension.

Also, promote better performing products or seasonal products by showing at the top always!

Mageice Improved Sorting
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Problems while shopping online currently With default sorting options, much of customer’s time is wasted trying to find the right item on the shops. The inconvenience in shopping experience may result in customer leaving your store if they cannot find the products they are interested in quickly and easily. The product can be there on the store somewhere but you lost the potential customers unexpectedly due to complicated searching process.

Improved Sorting is the solution Improved Sorting extension for Magento 2 will enhance shopping experience of customers significantly. Sorting function will work as a navigation tool to help shoppers search for the right product quickly by filtering the products in a convenient way. With ease, they can sort products by position, rating, best sellers and many other attributes matching their criteria. The high product relevance will result in sales growth. And with this good experience customers will definitely come back next time. The advanced sorting function will support your store to lower bounce rate and improve conversion rate significantly. Also, there are feature supported for admins to promote particular products to boost your shop sales by reorder of sorting options.

Extension Highlights

Various sorting options to enhance product discoverability Magento 2 Improved Sorting extension helps your customers browse the catalog via 12 criteria parameters and get more orders by displaying the most profitable items first. Let your customers easily filter products effectively and make searching process convenient. Boost conversion rate of your store by pushing your best sellers or new products to the top and draw customer’s attention to the collection you want to promote. With this you are most likely to convert the visitors to customers easily.
You can sort products based on: Discount, Best Seller, New Arrivals, Most Viewed, Rating, Review Count, Stock Quantity, Wish List, Product Name, Price, Position and Relevance. Improve product usability by creating sorting criteria matching best to your store’s business needs and highlight products that you want customers to see first.

Reorder sorting options Improved Sorting has another interesting feature to sort options in the order efficiently for your store by showing the sorting options in specified order. You can put 'sort by rating' above 'sort by name'. Also, we provide Magento 2 advanced sorting to disable any sorting option like default Magento 2 sorting by position or relevance. Mageice Improved Sorting for Magento 2 allows you the opportunity to promote a group of specific products in different marketing campaigns to boost your featured collection by giving them priority. Enhance your visitor’s experience by improving navigation with new sorting criteria and modify existing sorting options.

Customize sorting option labels Magento 2 default functionality does not allow admin to rename sorting option labels. Attract your customers by newest, popular, trendy and motivative types of words. This will support store owners admins to set custom label for each sorting option easily. Let your customers know they can sort Magento 2 catalog by appealing and noticeable titles like Popularity, Hot Deals, Trending, Customer Favorites and so on.

Set default sorting options With few clicks move some items up to sell them quicker by changing default sorting option. Attract your customers by highlighting the most popular products by moving them to the top of the list on the search results and category pages. With Magento 2 Mageice Improved Sorting extension, increase conversions by setup of sorting options to follow a primary method and then two inheriting algorithms as per your business needs. These algorithms will change the Sort By features to more user-friendly. This extension supports manually manage the order of products and provides ability to set default sort order by descending.

Choose sorting algorithm for different categoriesMake your Search Page and Category Page more friendly and lively for your shoppers with more flexible sorting options as per different categories. With the Improved Sorting module, customers can easily narrow down the results to find their most preferred products to add in their cart quickly on search page and category pages. Promote your best sellers with your preferable default listing on each category or customized sorting order on specific category. Improve your store’s shopping experience significantly with this time-saving feature.

Push 'out of stock' products at end It is best to show the available products on top for visitors to purchase in stock items right away. With this feature you can push out-of-stock products and items with zero quantity to last in the list for better customer experience. Visitors can still see the out of stock products but they are displayed at the end. This is very helpful to allow backorders and products with inventory 'in stock'.


Let play with our live demo to see how the extension Faq - Magento2 work.


Features of Improved Sorting Extension for Magento 2

  • Enhance your store's merchandising potential
  • Promote better performing and seasonal products on top
  • Allows you to set sorting options based on any product attribute variable
  • Push out-of-stock products and products without images at the end of sorting page
  • Set default products sorting on category pages and search pages
  • Show sorting results ascending or descending based on price, percent, etc.
  • Update sorting order at your convenience
  • Fully compatible with mobile and supporting device responsive
  • You can Enable/Disable the extension features
  • Configuration for sorting options with: Featured, Biggest Saving, Cheapest, Most Expensive, Top Rated, Reviews Count, Now In Wishlist, Most Viewed, Created Date, Price, Size, Position, Newest, Date, Discount, Name, Best Seller, Popularity

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