Top Magento 2 Custom Extensions for your eCommerce Store

Either you are considering to make an e-commerce website or want to update an already existing one, in both the scenarios Magento 2 Extensions are extremely helpful. Magento 2 is the most preferred e-commerce framework available.

Magento 2 comes with a lot of new extensions that will enhance the functionality and effectiveness of your website.

Every e-commerce website wants to provide a seamless shopping experience to its buyers and to make that happen you will need to buy a few extensions of Magento 2.

Here's a compilation of top extensions that will enhance the functionality of your website and provide seamless browsing to your customers. With these extensions, you can customize your website to perform better.

Top Magento 2 Extensions for your Website

One-Step Checkout

This is one of the most popular Magento 2 extension. As the name suggests it simplifies the checkout process. Every merchant and their websites are different. This extension provides a seamless shopping experience by making the checkout process easy.

This extension is extremely modular and allows total control on how the merchant wants their checkout process to be. Additionally, this extension requires minimal resources and skills to integrate and configure this extension to your website. This is the reason that one-step checkout is a great Magento 2 extension.

Two-Factor Authentication

Online retailers are aware that all the traffic their website gets is not a good one. There are lots of threats that make things messy. Two-factor authentication plugin is very useful in filtering out the bad traffic any website gets and want to avoid.

The work of two-factor authentication plugin is to streamline the buying and checkout process. This extension provides an additional authentication procedure for visitors and is an extremely important feature for your website.

This extension eliminates hackers and fake ids from intercepting the payment procedure. You will need to integrate this extension for improved safety and security of your website.

Layered Navigation

Layered navigation extension is used to extend and amplify navigation features on your Magento 2 store. This tool is designed to cater to websites by enabling them with lots and lots of products and product categories.


If you face trouble in searching something throughout your Magento powered website then Elasticsearch is the answer for you. When this extension is integrated, search results are displayed instantly.

The search field provided by this extension is broad enough to understand singular and plural words. This extension is one of the best extensions available because of Catalogs, products, attributes and admin capabilities.


Personalization uses a series of algorithms to analyze hundreds of data points across your online website. This analysis is done in real-time and this extension is easy to understand.

This extension is very useful when you want to run any innovative marketing campaign. You will know which products are popular and sought after. This information can be used to increase the conversion rate.

Sales Tax Automation

With this extension on your website, you don't have to worry about sales tax calculation and reporting. It's easy to install and provides bigger benefits. It configures your tax settings within the Magento framework.

Additionally, the tax rates get automatically updated and present an easy to use interface. It's a lightweight extension and can be seamlessly integrated into your website. It doesn't impact website performance and gets updated every month.

Instant Search

This is one of the best search-based conversion extension. It's an intelligent extension that understands the website visitor's behaviour. It comes with features like autocomplete, semantic search, individual results, etc.

These features help your customers in easy browsing the store and easy search for the products enabling them by smart navigation, autocorrect and responsive search results.

Auto-Select Shipping Payment Method

This extension simplifies the payment gateway. Once the customer has selected their shipping preference, this tool helps skip to the last part of the process and makes it easier for the customer to buy and leave.

Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

Startups benefit from this extension. Magento 2 marketplace extension offers extensive reach and it minimizes the cost of finding and promoting new customers.

It's a great tool if you intend to develop your business like famous marketplaces (Amazon, Etsy, eBay).

You will get advanced reports like bestsellers, last orders, most views products, line chart for sales report (day, month, year, top countries consuming products). All this information is extremely helpful in strategy development for the website.

Rewards Point

This extension is available in three versions: standard, professional and ultimate. Standard pack is used to cater to the needs of small businesses while professional and ultimate versions suit best to the needs of a medium sized and big enterprise.

This is a useful extension to conduct loyalty programs and cut down on the marketing budget. Its features include rewards earning and spending rules, reports, sell or buy by points and reward for referring friends.

Product Part Finder

This module is helpful for automobile e-commerce websites. It filters the parts based on their vehicle or auto parts filter.


You can easily get these Magento 2 modules to enhance the functionalities and performance of your e-commerce website.

These provided are provided for Magento 2 framework and they improve the safety and security of your website and along with that these help to provide seamless navigation and checkout process for your customers. Buy these extensions and get them integrated into your website by experienced Magento 2 developers to make it perform better.