Advanced Custom Options Template for Products

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AdvancedCustomOptions Template for Products
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Create unlimited custom options and assign to products by combining them in templates with this powerful Magento 2 AdvancedCustomOptions extension in quick and easy way. All the product custom option templates are reusable and automated assigning process makes it hassle-free in most efficient manner. This tool supports all types of custom options in any numbers and admin can create unlimited advanced options templates as well.

Mageice Advanced Custom Options Template for Products
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Extension Highlights

Easy Template CreationOur Advanced Custom Options Template for Products extension is developed to help you get rid of the inconvenience way of managing too many configurable products for simple and complex options in very effective manner. On single click of a button you can make that process hassle-free and effortless with use of its template reusable feature.

Easy Template ManagementThis Magento 2 extension is helpful to manage all your custom options in one place in admin in easiest way. You can view all the custom options and templates in grid on single page with swift search based on multiple filters.

Unlimited Custom Options on Multiple ProductsWith a simple click of a button you can apply unlimited custom options to the product/multiple products and it also allows you to create any number of templates. All the templates are easily managed on a single page from where you can update/remove any template or unwanted options. You can also create/assign templates based on specified product’s SKU or ID and the best thing is that it supports all type of custom options.

Custom Option Inventory Make your inventory tracking process smooth and satisfactory for you and customers as well with stock management features for each custom option in efficient way. It allows you to display the quantity field of custom options on the front and hide the out of stock options dynamically.

Weight and Cost by Each Custom OptionsWith Advanced Custom Options extension’s flexible feature of custom weight and cost option you are able to manage custom option’s pricing and there are reports to help you build progressive graph. Also you can set the weight of custom option to be applied on shipping charge which helps your customers with precise shipping costs.

Advanced Custom Option Pricing By using flexible pricing option rules you can override product’s main prices with your custom options defined ones like one-time, absolute, special, customer group / tier, etc.


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Features of Magento Advanced Custom Options Template for Products Extension

  • Advanced templates to add an unlimited amount of options for an unlimited amount of products.
  • Supports all the input types for the custom options such as checkbox, drop-down, radio-buttons, multiple select, and more.
  • Assign templates to any selected product/group of products.
  • You can assign templates to products by SKUs.
  • Admin can manage, edit/delete custom templates conveniently.
  • You can set specific option to be template's default option.
  • Allows you to set an individual price(fixed/percentage) for any custom option.
  • You can configure the option's absolute price to replace the original price.
  • Supports option’s price to set as ‘one-time’ so regardless of quantity of product in cart it will add the custom price only once.
  • Allows to set special prices for different customer groups.
  • You can set titles to be unique for each option and also set each option value’s SKU.
  • Supports all product variations to have custom weight/cost values.
  • Specify which options as required and which are optional.
  • Manage inventory status of individual custom option.
  • Manage stock status of combination matrix.
  • Supports Import/Export custom options for bulk update.

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